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Musical ABC

Developing Learning Skills, Emotional Confidence and Intelligence through musical studies is a cornerstone of our teaching strategies.

Keyboard ABC (4 – 5 y.o.) Musical fundamentals are introduced in enjoyable learning atmosphere! Students will have fun learning songs, movements, improvisation on percussion instruments, making rhythm accompaniment to the stories, and learn to read music. Curriculum includes learning music alphabet,solfege singing, musical form and musical patterns, listen to melodic direction and intervals.Developing love for learning music, Ear & Rhythm training, general coordination and music appreciation are important goals of this class. Students will be introduced to keyboards in a class and work on finger coordination. They do not have to have keyboards at home.

Keyboard ABC (6 – 7 y.o.) A great way to inspire interest in
playing the piano in an enjoyable social atmosphere. By the end of the year, our students will learn how to play some of her favorite children’s songs with both hands! Curriculum includes learning music alphabet, solfege singing, musical form and musical patterns, listen to melodic direction and intervals. Ear & Rhythm trai
ning, developing coordination and music appreciation are important focus of the class.

Musical ABC Curriculum:

Musical ABC teaches all essential musical and academic skills in a fun and friendly social environment. It is the “next step” from informal early childhood music classes.

  • Musical elements are taught using Creative Movement to classical music, Ear, Pitch & Rhythm training, Fun Music visuals, Exploring Keyboards, Playing Percussion instruments (xylophones, drums, etc.), Games, and weekly Homework that kids love!
  • Children will explore traditional orchestral instruments,work on finger control and general coordination essential for playing any instrument.They will learn about Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and other famous classical composers.
  • Classes provide a perfect musical introduction for young children and joyful learning experience, which will prepare and inspire children to begin individual musical studies.

Interactive style of all activities aims to develop general learning skills that children will use beyond musical studies:

  • Academic and social skills
  • Emotional confidence and working with others
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Focus and concentration
  • Language, memory, logic and general creativity
  • Cognitive abilities also used in math, language and thinking
  • Fine/Gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination

Classes will provide joyful learning experiences, which prepare and inspire children to begin individual musical studies

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