About Newton Music Academy


“I have been studying at Newton Music Academy for ten years now and loved my experience there. I felt that I not only received a great music education, but NMA has made music a part of my life. I am graduating this year and planning to continue studying music when in college. One of my favorite things about NMA is that I’m immersed in a casual and open-minded atmosphere, where I feel comfortable to ask any questions, and express any ideas.
I have been in quite a few orchestras, and jazz bands, but I never received nearly the same quality of musical education there, as I have at NMA. NMA has taught me how to play piano to a well-accomplished level, from almost no experience, at a reasonable pace, based on my progress. Without NMA, I don’t think I would have ever learned nearly as much about music, and that my skills would be cursory if not non-existent.”
read more ~ Jonathan Patsenker, Wayland High School
“We couldn’t be happier with our experiences at Newton Music Academy.  First, the Director takes great care to get to know the skill level of each new and returning students, their particular characteristics and personality, and matches these with particular teachers, based on their own attributes.  We have found this highly effective, as our children have really connected with their teachers.
We moved to Newton Music Academy from another program because of my frustration over a lack of teaching and expecting students to play musically, with expression and emotion.  The Director clearly emphasizes this when choosing an mentoring her teachers.  Both my own children and others I hear at school recitals learn good technique, but also play musically.Finally, the Academy recitals are run by the Director to have a supportive, minimally stressful environment which allows students to really shine and learn.  I’ve seen and heard many wonderful performances, and it’s been a pleasure to see both my own children and others at the school progress through the recitals.”
read more ~ Harold Picken, Newton
Father of Clair, John and Elizabeth
“I studied at NMA for nine years with several piano and voice teachers, all of whom have inspired me to study music in college and beyond. The teachers at Newton Music Academy are knowledgeable and passionate about their art and professional, encouraging, and supportive towards all their students. While performing in the biannual student recitals, I also had the privilege of watching many of my fellow peers at NMA improve over the years under the guidance of their teachers.
Through my teachers and other students studying with other teachers, I’ve not only learned about the intellectual facets of music- how to play- but the curiosity and work ethic of a musician and music’s capacity as an expressive force that touches the soul and connects us all. “
read more ~ Emily Chen, Newton
Student at DePauw University, Indiana
Majoring in piano performance
“My daughter and I are THRILLED with her class! Barbara is a wonderful teacher and my daughter’s very excited about ballet and looks forward to the next class the second she finishes the last one.
I don’t think there is a least favorite thing. Thanks and this has been a truly pleasant surprise!!”
read more ~ Linda Gordon, Newton
Parent of Nealey
“Our family has been with Newton Music Academy for the past 4 years. We can’t say enough about this school. My daughter has blossomed within this music school. Her love for music ad piano playing has grown immensely.
Administration is great. The owner is firm, but also very accommodating and understanding. We love and respect Mrs. Svetlana. We appreciate the fact that they pair students with the appropriate teacher depending on the child’s personality and learning style. We have had a wonderful learning experience. Keep up the Good Work!”
read more ~ Angela and Ioannis Kattis, Norwood
Parents of Rafailia
“Our 12-year-old daughter began her music journey in NMA when she was 5. She was in the “Singing Circle” class first where she got her first ‘ear training’. Loving the string sound, she naturally moved to violin lesson when she was 6. Since day one, she enjoyed coming to NMA, and today it is still the case.
This May will mark our daughter’s second year in BYSO (Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra). Our son has been in NMA also starting from age 6 in the class of “music ABC”, and then piano lessons. Before his first piano class, We were not sure whether 45-minutes is too long for him. But our doubt was cleared – the teacher made the class interesting and filled with fun. This is his third year at NMA. Both of our children LOVE their teachers. According to our experience – teachers in NMA are extremely professional, not only in their specialized music area, but also in the ways and means they teach. They understand the nature and needs of children, and work very well with them. We would like to thank NMA, where our children’s love for music is nurtured and cultivated by professionals, with their enlightenment, encouragement, and dedication for excellence.”
read more ~ Maggie Yang and Jiangdong (JD) Deng, Newton
Parents of Frederick and Claire
“Newton Music Academy has provided a terrific musical education experience for our family since 2007. Starting with Musical ABCs, our children have benefited from superb instruction in piano, voice and guitar. Svetlana and her instructors have nurtured a music school community that spans from developing foundations to instruction at the highest level.
NMA recitals celebrate this amazing range of students and the teachers who guide them. Our son has gone on to play bass guitar for his award-winning middle school jazz ensemble and our daughter has translated her NMA experiences into roles for local youth musicals. Thank you Svetlana!”
read more ~ George and Tamara Takoudes
Parents of Elizabeth and Alexander, Needham
“Our kids have been students at the Newton Music Academy for 3 years. Our son started with Svetlana’s Musical ABC when he was 4 and then continued with private piano lessons. Musical ABC was by far the best music class we had ever tried, Svetlana inspired such a love for music, she teaches the basics of music in such a fun, loving and disciplined way. The open class at the end of the session was one of the major highlights.
Our son continued with musical ABC until he was ready for an instrument. My daughter did introduction to ballet and now is on musical ABC. They both love their time at NMA and look forward to it every week. Our experience has been the same with private lessons, well organized and completely tailored to our son’s skills. It has been a pleasure to be part of NMA.”
read more ~ Adam & Florencia Segal, Chestnut Hill
Parents of Juliana & Gabriel
“My son, Gavin, has been a student of Newton Music Academy for five years. He started off with group lessons in preschool and continued with private singing and piano lessons starting in kindergarten. He has had nothing but positive experiences. His teachers have always catered the lessons to Gavin’s learning style and development.
He is, by far, a much more serious singing student. This has not hindered his piano growth, at all. He and the teacher have discussed realistic expectations for his piano practice and he continues to move forward every week. The individual support is one of the special reasons Gavin has continued to be a student at Newton Music Academy.”
read more ~ Jenn Swartz, Westwood
Parents of Gavin and Jared
“Our experience with Newton Music Academy has been overwhelmingly positive and we would-be happy to recommend it to anyone interested in discovering music. My oldest daughter started attending Newton Music Academy three years ago when she was 7 years old. A few years later my 5 year old son joined the school as well. He started with Musical ABC program that gave him great foundation to music world and prepared him for private piano lessons. Our kids love the piano recitals that school organizes twice a year. They always look forward and very excited about them.
The director of the school Svetlana is very approachable, and responds to e-mails and phone calls right away. Our piano teacher Elena is terrific! She is very patient, knowledgeable and passionate. She keeps motivating my children to advance in their music skills. We are extremely happy that our kids are a part of this wonderful music school.”
read more ~ Alena Tverskoy, Needham
Parent of Nichole and Samuel
“Both of my children have been taking music lessons at Newton Music Academy for many years. My son takes private piano lessons; he is a high school senior. My daughter is 11. She started with the Musical ABC class when she was 4, then advanced to private piano lessons and last year added voice lessons there. Our teachers are both highly professional musicians and talented instructors. They find individual ways to teach each student. The lessons go at as busy pace as the student can manage. My two children are very different and the same piano teacher works differently with each one.
My children perform at every Newton Music Academy recital and also at their public schools’ concerts. They are always complimented by other parents and other music teachers in audience. I’ve been asked many times what music school they attend.The school is very well organized. Classes start exactly on time. The teachers are easy to communicate through email/phone if a question arises while doing homework. The director is very friendly and efficient in resolving any organization challenge. You can reach her easily by phone or email and she promptly replies. The school is a bright and happy place. My children love coming there and really upset if have to skip a lesson. I highly recommend Newton Music Academy to any student that wants to advance his/her musical skills.”
read more ~ Svetlana and Michael Patsenker, Wayland
Parents of Rebecca and Jonathan
“Newton Music Academy offers high quality instruction and does it in a supportive way. The director and the teachers strive to ensure that students not only develop technical skill, but also a love of music and performance. Before each recital begins, the director speaks to the students, putting them at ease.
There are other music schools much closer to home, but each week we gladly make the trip to NMA. Our girls wouldn’t dream of taking voice and violin anywhere else. They have both made substantial progress through the years. The ease of working with the director and the wonderful instructors make it well worth it. “
read more ~ Amy and Dave DeSteno, Canton
Parents of Chloe and Serena
“My daughter has been taking violin lessons in NMA for seven years. Four years ago she was accepted by BYSO (Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra), one of the best orchestras in New England for young musicians. The teachers and the director of NMA, Svetlana, not only are professional musicians and teachers, they are nice and eager to help.
Re-scheduling make-up lessons have always been smooth. When my daughter took part in a violin competition half year ago, Svetlana helped her find an amazing piano accompanist. I trust NMA so I sent my son to NMA for violin lessons two months ago.”
read more ~ Jinsong Liang, Natick
Parent of Carol and Eric
“I would like to share our family’s experience with others about my kids’ piano learning journey in Newton Music Academy. My son Michael Long started to learn piano from Ms. Marina when he was 6 years old. She really helped Michael find out his talent on the piano play! My other two children, Qian and Annie Long study with a different NMA teacher, Ms. Melissa, and also had Ms. Jean before. All NMA teachers that we had so far are professional, encouraging and enthusiastic.
The director Ms. Svetlana always try to match the student with right teacher and all three of my children are very different from each other, so they have been suggested different NMA teachers by Ms. Svetlana. Svetlana response to our requests so quickly and positively that we trust the Newton Music Academy. It gives every kid the chance to explore the music and reach their limit! I really like the way they communicate with the parents and students.All my three kids are happy to learn at NMA and we really appreciate the teachers and the director’s efforts to make N MA for being a good place to explore the music.”
read more ~ Nan Li, Wayland
Parent of Michael, Qian and Annie
“My daughter Arielle has been taking piano lessons at NMA for approximately 7 years and I am beyond impressed with the quality, dedication and communication of the teachers and owner along with smiles of enthusiasm I see on my daughters face after each class and especially at the many recitals.
I had piano lessons for 10 years growing up and it was nothing compared to the lessons and motivation that Arielle has received! Arielle had not taken a musical instrument prior to piano but in just 7 years, she plays beautifully each time she sites down and most recently she wrote her own song with her teacher Irene. When her song was complete and she played it at the recital, there was such a sense of accomplishment I saw in Arielle’s eyes! Her teacher’s patience lends nicely to her teaching method in that she has gone above and beyond a regular piano lesson with emphasis on the composer and how that composer would have played the song, the parts of the piece and some basic music theory to pull together the entire music “puzzle”! Goal for the student is a complete global understanding. I could not be happier with NMA and look forward to listening to many more songs in the future!”
read more ~ Michael Levine, Framingham
Parent of Arielle Levine
“NMA has been a constant in our family’s life for eight years now. I knew we were in good hands from the first time I spoke with Svetlana about my daughter studying piano. She cares about every family in her school, and works hard to make sure that each student is matched with the right teacher.
NMA’s nurturing and stimulating learning environment reflects Svetlana’s extensive knowledge of both children and music. Thanks to Svetlana’s careful selection of teachers, my children’s instructors (piano and guitar) have always combined their love of teaching with outstanding musicianship. We’re blessed to have NMA in our lives!”
read more ~ Lauren and Drew Zalkind, Needham
Parents of Isaac & Roxanne
“My sons have been taking piano and guitar lessons at Newton Music Academy for 3 years. After a few years of frustration with several instructors, were extremely lucky to find this program! The teachers are professional and well selected to suit the needs of each of our kids. The director of the school listens to parents. Our guitar instructor Adrian is extremely talented teacher and musician. He is versed in both acoustic and electric guitar techniques, fun to learn from, and brings teaching to a whole new level.
I can’t give enough praise to Irene, the piano instructor of my younger son. She is a school in itself – very organized and professional, and yet making piano a fun instrument to play. Recitals are fun and stress-free. Svetlana is very helpful and efficient when you need to change your schedule, communicate with teachers, or discuss any concerns. We highly recommend this school! “
read more ~ Olga Umansky,Newton
Parent of Nicholas and Gregory
“This school is very unique in that it has integrated various musical instrument instruction, giving students a wonderful opportunity to explore them. The recitals are terrific as they allow to celebrate the accomplishments to date; we are especially fond of the few recitals when other instruments (the violin) were also played.
Their group of teachers are highly accomplished musicians, as well as excellent instructors. Thank you so much.”
read more ~ Faina Nakhlis, Dover
Parent of Shane & Karina Sklyar
“My daughter has been taking voice lessons at Newton Music Academy for almost 2 years and we are very happy. Our teacher, Sarah, has a combination of flawless technique and nurturing instruction make lessons something that my daughter looks forward to every week. Sarah is a wonderful teacher; she is highly knowledgeable, professional, encouraging and patient. Sarah has a special ability to truly understand her student’s specific needs and tailors her lessons accordingly. My daughter’s singing technique has improved greatly.
Sarah has also helped my daughter feel comfortable performing for an audience. Sarah is always positive and inspiring. Her passion for music is contagious. She motivates my daughter to use her voice to the best of her ability. Thank you, Sarah and NMA!”
read more ~ Jennifer Ramras, Needham
Parent of Lily