About Newton Music Academy

Meet the Director

Newton Music Academy was founded in 2004 by Svetlana Ostrovskaya, who still serves as Director today. She is a pianist, music educator and lecturer, with more than 25 years of teaching and performing experience. Ms. Ostrovskaya is on the piano faculty at the New England Conservatory and is the Founder and Artistic Director of the Newton Music Academy. Ms. Ostrovskaya was born and educated in Russia. She holds her Bachelor of Music and Masters of Music in Piano Performance and Music Pedagogy from Gorky Conservatory, Russia.


Throughout her musical career, Ms. Ostrovskaya has been teaching private piano lessons at the New England Conservatory as well as in her Newton residence, has given performances, lectures and master classes on various pedagogical topics. Her passion for teaching motivated her to look for enjoyable and effective ways to help students of different levels to develop physical ease and facility at the piano, love for producing a beautiful sound and attention to how their hands ‘gracefully dance’ on the keyboard. This approach helps students to avoid unnecessary technical struggles and unwanted habits, and as the result to achieve more musical performance with less effort.

A fascination with early childhood musical education, which started when her first daughter was born, motivated Ms. Ostrovskaya to create a number of various engaging musical programs for young children. The goal of these classes was to introduce music as a language to her youngest students: to inspire them to continue musical studies and playing instruments. Musical ABC is the result of over 25 years of working with children.

As a result of her life-long study of both music and pedagogy, Ms. Ostrovskaya founded the Newton Music Academy based on the philosophy that developing emotional depth, artistic maturity and a genuine love of music is the essence of musical study.