Certificate Program

Certificate Program


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NMA certificate program offers two options:

1st Option: Comprehensive Certificate

2nd Option: General Level Certificate

Option 1: Comprehensive Certificate

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The Comprehensive Certificate curriculum is a very effective, step-by-step approach toward developing maximum piano artistry supported by the necessary technique. It helps students move from songs at beginner level to more advanced studies. Students who take advantage of this curriculum must be prepared to give more attention to coordination, rhythmical precision and sound control.

Fluent piano technique begins with the ability to produce a singing tone on the piano and learning to use the most efficient and natural arm-hand movements for an effortless technique.

We believe that early introduction of the “singing legato” concept and a consistent focus on effective arm-hand movements enables even the youngest students to develop fluent piano technique and better quality of sound. The Comprehensive Certificate program focuses on these fundamental technical and musical skills, methodically and thoroughly with consideration to student’s age, level and individual learning style.

Since the first two years of study are considered to be the most important in building a solid technical foundation, Level 1 and Level 2 are divided into progressive steps: 1-A, 1-B, 1-C, 1-D, 1-E, and 2-A, 2-B. Each section focuses on a carefully chosen set of technical & musical skills through specific assigned exercises and songs which student has to pass in order to move to the next section.

The Comprehensive Certificate curriculum emphasizes:

  • Early introduction of a singing tone and approaching sound production as a foundation for natural flowing piano technique
  • Learning efficient, stress-free movement through use of the full range of arm-wrist-finger motions, arm weight and momentum, which avoids the technical frustrations that come with awkward hand motions.



Students in the Comprehensive Certificate program will have to meet more technical and musical requirements to pass onto the next level then the students in the General Level Certificate program.
In addition to General Certificate requirements such as Accuracy,
Pedaling and
Technique, Comprehensive Certificate students are also evaluated on:

  • Correct arm motions, flexible wrist, elbow and wrist rotation necessary for flowing technique as well as finger dexterity, even controlled touch and tone quality.

All of these skills will be studied by the Comprehensive Certificate students during the course of the year.

Students can switch from the Comprehensive to the General track during the year if suitable.

Repertoire is similar to the General Level Certificate program and begins with Basic Piano Method books 1 and 2, commonly used for piano beginners.


Students can request evaluations for the Comprehensive Certificate several times per year, so they can advance to the next level as soon as they feel ready. Evaluations will be conducted via video submission: to pass to the next level, students must submit a video of their performance.

Students may submit their video at any time prior to the deadline.

All pieces for each level must be submitted together, though they can be recorded separately.

Deadline for receiving video submissions: TBA

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Option 2: General Level Certificate

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The general level curriculum is designed to motivate students by providing clear attainable goals. Students can study at their own pace, and can begin at the level that best suits their current technique and repertoire. The teacher will help to determine the current level, and will decide the repertoire to be performed for evaluation.


For General Level Evaluations students are graded based on:

  • Accuracy
  • Phrasing
  • Dynamics
  • Rhythm
  • Tone
  • Musicality
  • Pedaling
  • Technique

Students are graded at the end of each academic year.

Both video submissions and live performance are accepted for grading for General Level Certificate.

Sheet music must be provided for evaluation

The deadline for video submissions (all pieces included) is in May or June of 2012 (TBA).

Live performance evaluation is scheduled for May or June of 2012 (TBA)

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